Our Approach To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The next few weeks (or months, we don’t know yet), we will all be taking our businesses on a different path. The direction and goals we set ourselves in January 2020 will need to rethought as we adapt to the changes around us.

To reassure all of our clients, suppliers and associates. We are carrying on our business as usual and will continue to supply the best customer service without interruption.

Of course we have made a few changes to continue our services but one thing that we will never compromise on is the high level of service we will deliver on behalf of your business.

What Action Are We Taking?

Our fantastic team is now split into two, one team working in the office while the second team is working remotely. On the second week the teams will rotate around and at no time will anyone from the two teams meet. This change means if someone in our team is ill and several members of the team have to isolate themselves, we will have a backup team working remotely that have not come into contact with the virus.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

This step will help us to ensure that we have a healthy team working at all times.

Whilst working from home our team will be working through our secure office network. Our client’s confidential data will continue to be kept safe and at no time will any data be transmitted to anyone’s personal Laptop/PC.

We Can Still Meet

If you would like any remote help or would just like to have a chat about the current situation. We can have a virtual coffee over a Skype or Zoom call. Sometimes it’s good to talk.

We hope that you all stay safe, please don't hesitate to contact the team on 01280 818 777 or email us direct at info@balmerlimited.co.uk if you have any questions or concerns.